Tea Your Mind

by Mr Tea and the Minions

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cljuk Love these guys - See them first at Southwell 2016. Listen to them you will be hooked!! Great albumn Favorite track: Lockdown.
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Tea Your Mind is the explosive debut album by Mr Tea and the Minions. Their full power blend of Balkan Gypsy music with a huge variety of styles - and stirred together with strong flavours of their personalities, really creates a truly unique sound! Kicking off with a bang with opening track 'Coffee Shop Psycho' and barely relenting until the raucous 'Lockdown' 10 tracks later, Tea Your Mind really depicts the exciting, hugely energetic and colourful wonders of the Minions' live show and allows you to experience it anytime, anywhere! Whether dancing around in your bedroom, or in need of an energy boost whilst on the way to work, why not bring some more Mr Tea and the Minions into your life!


released September 28, 2016

All songs written by Mr Tea and the Minions. Tracks 1-7 Mixed and Mastered by Krantz. Tracks 1-8 mixed by Dave Laycock and mastered by Oli Mason. All songs Recorded by Dave Laycock at Clifthouse Studios, Music Ape Studios, and Helios Studios in Bristol.



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Mr Tea and the Minions Bristol, UK


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Track Name: Coffee Shop Psycho
He sits in the corner never looking up
Hand twitches by the side of an old tea cup
He looks all alone but there’s a beast below
And he’s coming up for another show

All that he wanted was a nice cup of tea
But the world turned against him, didn’t hear his plea
The milk was sour the water warm, the sugar bowl was dry
It could have been so simple but now they’re all gonna die

He’s a coffee shop psycho
The bistro butcherer
The caffeine cut throat
The mess hall murderer
But if you see him coming
Looking for a brew
Don’t mess with his oolong
Or he will mess with you

Track Name: The Traveller
Take me away oh, any place but here
Want to be a traveller, I want to buccaneer

I’ll disappear over night, I’ll creep into the dark
Dance through until morning comes, where you will steal my heart

No strings to keep me here, nowhere to call my own
It’s now all crystal clear, time to tread the path unknown
I’ll disappear over night, I’ll creep into the dark
Dance through until morning comes, where you will steal my heart

I’m the traveller, not a passenger
I’m the traveller, not a passenger
I’m the traveller, not a passenger
I’m the traveller, not a passenger
Track Name: Funky Pumpkins
You all heard the tale of that Cinderella chick
Well I’ll tell you something that the stories missed
Our main lady wasn’t so meek and shy
She was pretty shady, and liked to drink and drive

That girl had one funky pumpkin
Liked to race in her funky pumpkin
Got chased in her funky pumpkin
And hightailed it into the night

Prince Charming left behind as she felt wind whippin' in her hair
Glass slipper never mind, not when she’s in the driving chair
No wicked Step Mother when Cinder’s behind the wheel
Just burning rubber and tired screaming at her heels
Track Name: No Sugar
When you hear exotic sounds, does it make you move around
Do you tap your feet, or start to dance
Did this happen suddenly, is it taking over me
Why not take this chance

Cause I, no I don’t need no sugar, no
Cause the music, is sweet enough
Track Name: Mischief
You can hold on, till the end of time

We dance in the fire, we never get tired, we don’t go slow
Our chariot awaits, and where it takes us no-body knows
Track Name: Balkan Blast (Free DL)
Said are you ready
Are you ready to twist
Now put your hands up
If you want to enlist
This time it’s for real, not like the last
So come on, on your feet
Charging to the Balkan Blast

Now come on soldiers
Keep your heads up high
Just take a hold of
Your hearts and stand by

We’re ready to march now
We’ll go in fast
Already on our feet
Charging to the Balkan Blast
The Balkan Blast

Get…. Get…. Ready
Track Name: Pants Party
If you are very shy
Come and join us, come and join us, come and drop by
Or if you can’t wait on stand-by
Got it all here, seen it all here, come and drop by

It’s about time…

Fellas got their speedos on, looking just like Donkey Kong
Oh won’t you sing along, at the pants party
Ladies don your brassieres, G-strings, stockings, we don’t care
Any kind of underwear at the pants party

It’s not about who is who,
Or what you’re wearing, no one’s caring, shake your caboose
We’re all here to let lose,
So jump on board, you’ll never get bored, there’s no excuse
Track Name: Goulash
When the music is dropping and filling up your mind
There’s no time for stopping, it’s time to unwind
When the world starts to shake and shimmer in your eyes
No there’s no time to waste, it’s time to claim your prize
Come get hypnotised, come get hypnotised

Time to join the riff-raff, it’s time to join the rabble
Let the spell take over, with it’s razzle-dazzle
The mob is taking control, there’s no time for bed
There’s magic in the music, you can sleep when you’re dead

Let your feet gravitate, as you move across the floor
No this party can’t wait, it’s time to declare war
Oh, oh, let the beat take you higher, shakes you to your soul
Yes tonight will inspire to enter the unknown
Come get in the zone, come get in the zone
Track Name: Seven Seas
Once a wise man, said to me
Don’t you worry, one day you’ll be free
Then he took my hand and led me to the sea
Now I live my life, guided by the breeze

Some say mad
Some say easy
But I say floating
Never queasy
Keep the dance right
Come and tease me
And we’ll go all night
Until we’re free

Come all you sailors
And all you ravers
You trail blazers
Come and dance with me
We’ll jump on this ship
Before it leaves quick
You’ll learn some new tricks as we
Sail the seven seas, the seven seas
Track Name: Lockdown
Welcome to the guard house, please enjoy your stay
Because there ain’t no way out, so come and join the fray

This is our fortress, oh our very own retreat
Feel free to confess but you won’t escape the beat

We’re on lockdown
Don’t panic now, we’re in control

You’ll soon come around, to living in the dark
Cause when the lights do come on
That’s when, we party hard

Oh this, is our fortress, oh our very own retreat
Feel free to undress but you can’t escape the heat